What Will The Real Estate Market Look Like In 2015?

Dec 25, 2014

These are my predictions for 2015. Click Here.

- Do You Agree- Disagree?


There are actually a few lessons here that I wanted to share with you.

The truth is YOU can go on TV and Radio as well - just like I do and have taught 100's of other successful originators to do. Do you know that I barely ( and I mean barely) graduated high school and have no 4 year college degree.


Guess What - No One has ever asked! and they won't ask you either.

Anyway- My point is not to brag

You could and SHOULD - grab your phone and record your own holiday predictions and put them on
your own you tube channel and promote them on Facebook and Linked In.

When you do - put one of them up in our Facebook community too so we can all see it!


My wishes to you and yours for happy holidays and happy-healthy and of course prosperous 2015


Brian Sacks - Top Originator

PS- I've been listening to your questions so watch your e-mail in the next few weeks for a special program I am working on that GETS AGENTS CHASING YOU !

PPS-Have you downloaded the FREE Report at http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=FrKx6&m=3j2WGhwIR5FH8eb&b=Vf113uF2l4hzwA2C5bhBzw
If you haven't - then head over there now

IF you have- I used one of those tools just this morning to send my appearance out to 973 agents in Baltimore and the responses are already coming in..... Give it a try with your own video that are YOUR predictions for 2015 ( it's ok to swipe mine if you like) just record yourself with your phone or laptop

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