What I Saw Sunday - And How It Impacts Your Business

Dec 14, 2014

Ever have one of those perfect Sundays?
Yesterday I had one- I took my 18 year old son to the Ravens game. But we didn't just watch the game.
We were actually in a sky box with great food - and nice and toasty inside the box.

He's 18 and a senior in college so there wont be that many more opportunities to do this with him.


We were enjoying the game and I started to notice a plane flying over with banners.  One of them really caught my eye. It was for a company called Kirby Builders. Now remember the stadium was full with almost
70,000 people of all ages and backrounds.
Just for giggles I googled "banners on airplanes" and found that it cost over 5000 dollars to have this banner flown around the stadium for 5 minutes ( basically 3 passes).


Everyone wants/needs more business so we are told to "Go get your name out there"

Well stop and think about this for a minute

Kirby Builders is a commercial building company-
There were 70000 plus people in the stadium
How many of them would even be able to work with Kirby builders?
This is no different than you being offered
- Placemat ad in a restaurant
- ad in a magazine or newspaper
- ad on the radio or tv
- Banner on a shopping cart in the supermarket

I could go on and on - but the point here is "GETTING YOUR NAME OUT THERE MARKETING" is ok for BIG BRAND
name companies - not for us!

We are far better off targeting our prospects - sending them messages that are targeted to them and
are meant to elicit a response. Even better when these efforts are trackable so we can know if they are producing the results we want.

- Targeted Direct Mail
- Ads in specific publications or media where you know your prospects are looking
- Ads targeted JUST to referral partners
- You Tube - Facebook and Linked In Marketing
- Having your Own book on a topic you promote
Hope you have a productive day- and please share this with anyone who would benefit.
Brian Sacks

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Pass this on to anyone you think would benefit from this information!


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