For Frustrated Originators - Here's An Unfair Edge

May 30, 2019

Our job as originators can be very frustrating at times and exciting at other times as we have all experienced regardless of how long you have been in the business.

I am always asking questions and trying to "fix" many of these frustrations because that's how you grow.

Here are some questions I used to ask myself and I bet you have asked yourself the same questions. 
Why do agents choose other originators over me
Why do the agents who do use me continue to? ( it's not rates or good service)
How to I even get agents to use me.
How Can I get Listing agents to meet and use me.
How do buyers make their decision to use me or a competitor and how can I tell upfront what they will do?
How Can I "force" these buyers to use me instead of going shopping on or off line.

What do I need to do to get my past clients to refer me?
How Can I get attorney's and CPA's to refer me?

Let me very transparent - this has NOTHING to do with on-line or social media etc.
They are all fine and good but you first have to know WHY people do or don't do things and how  to influence them to do what YOU WANT THEM TO DO.
Please take a second and re-read this

I tried so many marketing tactics over the years - some worked - some didn't
some worked years ago but won't work now. It wasn't until I sat down and became a serious student of influence and persuasion that everything changed in both my professional and even my personal life.



What if you could learn the answer to these questions and many others you have?
What if your success was GUARANTEED ?
What if you didn't even have to pay for it for six months by using the paypal button  and had the confidence of knowing you had a risk free 12 months to test drive it yourself?
What if you not only learned the persuasion tactic but had the tools to copy and implement it immediately so you could quickly close more loans?

What if- just that question is one you should be asking yourself all of the time.

If you have been to this site you know I don't often even offer this special program I call the
LO UNFAIR EDGE because I truly don't want every originator knowing these secrets.

Take a minute -and simply read this letter
because the ideas themselves will help you identify opportunities or places you need improvement

Dedicated to Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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