What I Put on 2308 Janson St And How It Will Help You Close More Loans

Jun 01, 2019

What I Put on 2308 Janson St And How It Will Help You Close More Loans

I know it's Sunday so I'll be quick but I wanted to share a cool idea with you that can help you grow your production.

Last week I had 4 closings and 2 of the 4 allowed me to put up a sign on their properties after closing. This is strategy 6 on page 20 of the
48 Proven Ways To Immediately Close More manual and if you are a 48 ways member go read that strategy right now and you will see the sample and also see the release I use and when the best time to ask for permission is.

There are really 2 reasons to do this
1. It helps provide social proof to all the other buyers and agents looking in that area.

2. Many people confuse the sign as a for sale sign - call and you can now get them prequalified. So its no cost lead gen for people you know are ready to buy.

But I am always looking to improve so I have been testing some new ideas with this sign  and recently took off my phone # and instead put on a link for a free report they can get.

It''s simple really. Today is Sunday - wouldn't you rather be with your family or doing whatever you enjoy doing without interruption?  I know I would!

So the buyers see the sign
They go to the site and opt in by giving their e-mail address
They get the report and it's the entire conversation you would be having with them on the phone but now you don't have to
They call you and get prequalified but are already convinced of who you are

They don't call you yet and the system follows up with them for 12 months automatically. If you are a member of the Renters Into Loans System than you already have the report and the follow ups.
Try doing this on your lawn signs and let me know how it works out

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

If you are not yet a member and are interested in the Renters Into Loans process

you can check it out here http://rentersintoloans.com/special-offer/

If you are not yet a 48 Proven Ways member you really need to check it out now before the price doubles since we are getting very close to 1000 members
but that's not even the real issue.
If you are serious about growing your production you simply have to have these proven strategies and your accountability software now
Both come with a test drive period that allows you to make sure you succeed with zero risk

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