Close More Loans, Make More Money and Still Have Time To Enjoy Life!

-- Regardless of Interest Rates or Market Conditions

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by... and when you're ready, I have an idea to share.

But first, let me start by asking a question...

"What if everything you have been taught about earning a great living as a mortgage loan officer was not correct...?"

You know, things like -

  • You must be available all of the time or you will miss a deal
  • You must have the best rates out there and all of the programs

What about all of the ways you were taught or learned about generating new business from Agents and other Professionals?

Or, how about this one - "work hard during the good times and save all of your money for when things are slow."

You probably have had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that this advice just simply wasn't working.

If you hate:

  • Begging for business
  • Chasing people (both Agents -and- Buyers)
  • and the Ups & Downs of your income, Hoping things will be OK...

Then pay close attention because I'm going to pull back the curtain to show you what really works.

How Do I Know?

I have been originating for over 30 years and STILL take applications, qualify borrowers and close loans every single day.

Equally important, I have coached and trained literally thousands of fellow loan officers who are now finally able to Close More Loans, Make More Money and Still Have Time To Enjoy Life!

Just to be very clear, before we move on - there is nothing to buy here.

My goal is to expose the myths that I learned the hard way -- by listening to these myths myself -- and wasting years of my life trying to figure it all out.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear..." -- Tao Te Ching

The good news -- I did figure it all out.  And that's what I'm about to share with you, when you're ready...

WARNING:  this journey will make you think - then rethink - how you conduct your mortgage business.

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